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Рекомендации наших покупателей и арендаторов

We have recently bought a 2 bedroomed apartment in the Agora complex. We have been helped and guided through the whole process by Alla whose help we have found in valuable.

Any questions and queries we have had along the way she has helped us with.

She introduced us to Mecitoglu Homes and Kaya Homes. After visiting a number of plots we bought off plan with Mecitoglu as this was the most affordable option. 

On our return to the UK Alla kept in contact with us to make sure all was going well. When the apartment was nearly complete Alla took photo’s for us so we could see the progress being made.

We returned to Turkey for what we thought would be the difficult task of furnishing the apartment. Once again Alla helped us greatly picking us up and  helping us to shop around, negotiate and ensure we had all that was needed. We could not have done this so efficiently and quickly on our own. Alla acted as an interpreter and negotiator between us and the suppliers.

Once the apartment was complete Alla arranged for all items to be delivered ready for our arrival. She has since become a good friend who visits us each time we come and helps us with rentals and generally keeping an eye on the apartment when we are not there.

In summary, Alla made the whole buying process as easy as possible for us. We are very grateful for all her help.

 Karen&Chris Rainford

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